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Innovate Healthcare EAP provided by CiC(Telephone and Face to Face Counselling) Maintained Schools 2020/21
Prices are based on staff headcount
EAP offers everyone in your organisation access to 24/7/365 independent and completely confidential employee assistance, support and advice services.

What does the EAP include?
Our EAP programme includes a 24/7 telephone advice line staffed by experienced and qualified counsellors, who can provide immediate support for employees calling with work or personal issues. As part of the EAP we also offer specialist support in the form of advice on financial, legal and family care issues. Our Managerial Adviceline also allows managers to seek support for managerial related issues.

Using our vast network of counsellors, any clients appropriate for counselling can then be referred to short term therapy (either telephone or face-to-face depending on service chosen).

Our online resource, Well Online, is an additional comprehensive source of support and information on mental health and wellbeing for all employees.


Please note to purchase this package you will need an active Brokerage Service Contract.