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Alternative Provision Approved Providers Annual Subscription
The Subscription is a fixed cost of £365 per annum
• Certification for Approval
• Ongoing quality support
• Ongoing Health & Safety advice and guidance
• Approval
• Ofsted readiness support
• Legislative advice and guidance
• Pupil referrals that are supported by the LA
• Support with development of new offers
• Scope to develop innovative AP & pastoral services
• Cross border references
• Approved Provision Online Prospectus
• Behaviour and Attendance tracking system
• SEN Support
• Invoice payment support
• Communications
• Data management and analysis
• Standardised policies
• Service Level Agreements
• General terms and conditions
• APS Safeguarding Policy
• Specialist pupil matching and signposting
• Weekly support surgery for school / parents / pupils
• Brokerage
• Cost negotiations
• LSCB Safeguarding Training
• Multi Agency Training
• Continuous Professional Development
• APS Network meetings

The Subscription is a fixed cost of £365 per annum
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