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Important COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update from Havering Music School

Dear headteachers and music coordinators, 


I would appreciate it if you could share this with your students who have instrumental lessons from Havering Music School. Please sign post them to our website where they will find all the information: www.haveringmusicschool.org.uk


Thank you and we will be there if you need volunteers to keep the spirits up. 


Some of our staff, if they are well, would be happy to support schools where needed. Please email musicschool@havering.gov.uk.





Dear parents and carers,


I am writing to say that in light of the recent and on-going situation we are suspending your direct debit payments for instrumental tuition on 24th April and May. We will be reviewing the situation as the weeks unfold in regards to the possibility of suspending further payments. When schools resume their usual activities we will be able to recommence with our normal provision. 


We will be offering online lessons with our staff; this will be free of charge but dependent on staff availability so please bear with us. Access to online independent learning will be available for all. You will be sent staff emails on LGFL and you can use these contact details to book appointments through Zoom or you can send a sound recording of your child playing and they will receive feedback. Staff will be able to help you with how best to support their learning through these difficult and unique times. 


On that note, can I please ask that if any of you know any business or individual who has spare laptops that they would be able to donate to us for students or staff who may not have them to please let me know at musicschool@havering.gov.uk


We are all learning to adapt fast and some of us are used to these ways of communicating where for others it will be a whole new world. Please be mindful that we are all in this together and music will be a way of our child being able to release some of their anxiety through the weeks and possibly months ahead. Speaking as a musician, I cannot imagine my world without music. Working with the young people and their teachers brings it to life for me. I am determined, with your support, to make sure that music will continue in Havering. 


There will be much more information on the website, which will be updated as we go along, and we will also email information to you.


I may not have met all of you personally I feel that we are all a musical family and this will be so much more important as the weeks and months unfold. I very much hope that we will be able to resume normal service in June.


I will keep you updated at all times, and you can always reach me on musicschool@havering.gov.uk. It may take me a while to reply but I will do my best. 


May I just add that I am sure you are aware that Havering Music School is a non-profit making organisation. Further information will be sent out regarding your children’s free on-line education and there will be opportunity to make a voluntary donation to Friends of Havering Music School. 


Please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones and know that our staff, as long as they are fit and well, will be there to support you and your children in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for your understanding. 


With best regards,


Karen Tweddle  

Principal Havering Music School



23 Mar 2020

Karen Tweddle
Havering Music School
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