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Franklin Scholars and Havering

Dear colleagues, 

Havering Education Services (HES) has been working closely with Franklin Scholars to develop the following range of peer tutoring and mentoring programmes for our Primary and Secondary schools;

The Buddies and Bundles Programme
With a well-established track record in secondary education, Franklin Scholars would like to serve primary schools through Buddies and Bundles, using fictional stories and questioning to develop socio-emotional skills and improve literacy across a 10-week intervention. Older students (Year 5 or 6) are coupled with a younger one in their school (Year 3). They complete paired reading activities with their Buddy (one Year 5 or 6 supporting one Year 3), and games designed to improved emotional intelligence in their Bundles (two Year 5s or 6s supporting two Year 3s), overseen by a trained member of school staff. Franklin Scholars will provide training for this staff member at the beginning of the programme, as well as online resources and evaluation at the end. Our resources have been designed in collaboration with the education sector and linguistic specialists, along with detailed illustrations for each story. 

Franklin Scholars are looking for primary schools to join their 1-term pilot beginning in January 2020, and are asking schools to pay £900 each, which includes their in-person training, custom-designed resources, online tutorials, and impact evaluation.

The Beacon Box
The Beacon Box is a teacher-led version of their Beacon Programme. They will provide more than 10 hours of evidence-based mentor training to a designated member of school staff, equipped with their toolkit and package of support, who in turn will recruit and train a cohort of older student mentors - the Franklin Scholars. The Scholars then provide a year-long programme of support to vulnerable younger ones in their school, through weekly sessions combining one-to-one academic support, one-to-one open mentoring, and group activities.

Franklin Scholars are looking for secondary schools to join their 6-month pilot beginning in January 2020. Through grant funding, they're able to offer 8 schools the Beacon Box for £200, and all following schools for £990. Year Two programmes (from 2020/21 and beyond) will cost c.£700 per school, meaning those who join for our pilot will pay less than £1,700 for Year One and Year Two together. It is worth noting that as of September 2020, all new schools will be asked to pay £1,700 for Year One.

Franklin Scholars hope they're able to continue to serve the young people in Havering.

If you are interested in either of the programmes, please contact;

Georgia Brown
Franklin Scholars
m: 07854 745 686 p: 0203 740 1192
@franklinscholar | franklinscholars.org

04 Nov 2019

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