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Transition Guarantee: Year 6 to Year 7

Dear Colleagues, 

Following on from the work we did last year to improve the transition for young people into secondary education through the development of the Transition Guarantee, our Early Help Service is in the process of refining our current transitions programme for years 6 to 7. 

The aim is to ensure that the approach is much more tailored to the needs of the families that would be accessing it and to also take into consideration some of the challenges that you would be facing in the school environment.

In order to ensure that the programme is effective, we would really appreciate your input into the development of the transitions model we adopt. We are proposing to hold a workshop in November so that we can capture your views, and balance the needs for both primary and secondary schools, so I would appreciate if you could nominate any of the following professionals from your school to attend the workshop;

• Head Teacher
• Deputy Head Teacher
• Head of Year 7
• Inclusion Manager
• Lead for Year 6 or 7 

On the day, we are going to complete an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to capture all the strengths/needs/challenges/dreams that you would have to ensure an effective transitions programme is implemented for next year. 

Once we have completed the workshop with you, we will agree another date for us to get together again and share the model from the details you provide on the day. We aim to update the existing Transition Guarantee for all schools, as well as looking at a model that supports young people and schools where additional support is needed.   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for supporting this process to ensure we continue to make a difference to the young people that will be undertaking their transition for next year, whilst also ensuring as agencies/professionals we are recognising the needs of the young people and responding appropriately. 

Below are the details of Appreciative Inquiry Event;

Date: 22nd November 2019
Time: 09.30 – 13.00
Venue: CEME

In order to secure a place on the workshop please email Lauren Satchell - lauren.satchell@havering.gov.uk.

Kind regards 

04 Oct 2019

Helen Harding
Early Help and Troubled Families Service
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