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Launch of LEAN EAST – Giving young people the skills they need

I have pleasure in announcing the launch of the expansion of the GLA Enterprise Adviser Network EAST. The LEAN EAST network  will be managed by the Local London Strategic Partnership( of which London Borough of Havering is partner) together with East London Business Alliance (ELBA).
The roll out of the GLA Enterprise Advisor Network  will support  all state funded secondary schools and academies, UTCs, sixth form colleges, and FE colleges that are eligible to become part of the network. Independent schools are not eligible, and a separate initiative is being developed by the GLA for special schools (more details about this are included at the end of this email)
The network is a very exciting project for us, and will bring great benefit to our schools, colleges and young people.  It will provide support to schools on working towards the eight Gatsby good practice careers benchmarks, which are mandatory for schools to achieve by the end of 2020, and will feature in Ofsted inspections from 2021.  It will also help schools to develop careers plans and provision that links with business and employers, and will increase employer input to schools.  Young people will benefit from increased contact with employers to prepare them for their future careers, as well as LEAN EAST careers events and activities. School and college careers staff and teachers will benefit from CPD on achieving the Gatsby benchmarks and developing their careers plans and employer engagement.  There is also scope to develop activities and information for parents and carers.  A key benefit of Local London managing the LEAN EAST network is that we will work closely with local authorities and careers clusters to ensure that the LEAN EAST network activity complements and works alongside existing borough activity and provision.
The attached press release provides more information about the launch.
Special Schools
The GLA are currently waiting on a report on SEND careers support which should provide recommendations and more information on the support that will be offered to special schools.
The GLA advice is that the LEAN Network is not currently able to work with Special Education Need or Disability institutions. 
In the meantime, these resources may be of use to special schools:

The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit by The Careers & Enterprise Company.

Transition programmes for young adults with SEND, What works? by The Careers & Enterprise Company.
A further email outlining next steps and actions will be sent out to Havering  schools, colleges and PRU shortly.
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25 Mar 2019

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