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Allotment Watch

Allotment watch is a community based crime prevention scheme which works on the same principles as Neighbourhood Watch, but is directed at allotment holders. This is a first for Havering, and Council officers have been working with the members of the Allotment Society to develop a programme of work around safety and security in allotments.
The Council has the support of local allotment users to run an the scheme, which would include a series of events (mini roadshows) at various allotments to run a safety advice sessions on securing sheds, as well as property mark tools. Localised safety advice booklets would also be developed on keeping allotments safe.
To launch the scheme, the Council would like to work with schools to come up with the branding for Allotment Watch, including signage for the scheme.
If you would like to find out more, please contact Jane Eastaff Community Safety Partnership Officer - or 01708432024.

25 Feb 2019

Jane Eastaff - Community Safety Partnership Officer
Commercial Services Team
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