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School Closures advise due to Adverse Weather

Many schools face difficulties as a result of adverse weather particularly during periods of very low temperatures and heavy snow. The Local Authority (LA) acknowledges the difficult judgement that sometimes has to be made as to whether to temporarily close the school for safety reasons. 
We have updated the guidance which re-iterates that schools are advised to ensure their websites are updated regularly to indicate whether they will be open or not, and parents are advised to look at the schools website. Schools are also advised to use their own social media to share the message.

In addition, if any schools close due to adverse weather in Havering and they wish to share with Time FM, they can contact the team on 01708 741 075 or 01708 767 591 or email using the password "Rudolph", this will help Time to verify the announcement, as they have received hoax calls in the past.

Many thanks, Trevor

17 Dec 2018

Trevor Cook, Assistant Director for Education Services
Commercial Services Team
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