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Elm Park Achieves Centre of Excellence Status

Inclusion is at the heart of everything that Elm Park School does. It is an innovative and very caring school that is thought of well by its pupils, parents and the Local Authority. During the Parent Forum discussion, a parent stated, “The school really looks after the whole child and teaches them respect for others and how to be interested in things out of school, not only academic achievements.” Since the last assessment in July 2017, the school has done a tremendous amount of work on Inclusion and goes from strength to strength in this area.

Pupils state that the school is very fair as teachers always listen to both sides. One year 6 pupil said, “They always include lots of fun in our learning.” They are given lots of responsibility and opportunities to develop their independence skills.

Our very own Attendance and Behaviour Team, led by Penelope Denny, has supported the school through the Restorative system which has been very successful with all pupils, appreciating the fact that the peer mentors aim to sort out initial problems. The selection process includes an application form and interview system. 90% of parents feel it has improved behaviour.

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26 Nov 2018

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