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Brokerage Service Suppliers provide funding to train a second cohort of Havering teachers as Mental Health Champions
17 Sep
For a second year running, these approved suppliers under the Education Brokerage Service have collectively contributed towards funding the cost of training 13 Class Teachers across Havering Primary Schools to qualify as Mental Health Champions for their respective schools. The programme will be delivered by Place2Be, one of our approved suppliers and the UK's leading children's mental health charity. The nominated delegates from the schools will attend six sessions to be delivered over the autumn term 2019. This opportunity further demonstrates the value of the Education Brokerage Service that was initiated in 2013, the close partnership we have established with suppliers, and the Local Authority’s commitment to supporting schools in building capacity to develop children’s emotional wellbeing and resilience that directly impacts on their ability to learn and their academic progress. For more information about the programme and/or the suppliers, please email to
Havering and Kafoodle offer allergen-free school lunch options
13 Sep
Havering Council and food-tech innovators Kafoodle this week launch England’s first partnership to support students in secondary schools with known food allergens. The Council’s multi-award winning catering organisation, HES Catering Services developed this innovative partnership to allow secondary school students to independently select lunches in the safe knowledge that their choices match their dietary needs. All secondary schools supplied by HES Catering Services across Havering will each receive a unique QR code developed by Kafoodle. Students simply scan the code with their mobile phone which opens up an online app, where they can then easily view daily menus and filter options based on known food allergens or dietary requirements. Students can also view digital menus at home in their own time and with their parents via Kafoodle. Kafoodle also uses the government’s traffic light labelling system for every meal to support students to make healthy choices when selecting their lunch options. The menus will be in line with new food safety initiatives that have come into effect after the death of a teenager following an allergic reaction. Cllr Robert Benham, Cabinet Member for Education, Children and Families, said: “The Council’s unique partnership with Kafoodle will make food-allergen information so much more accessible for hundreds of pupils across our London borough. “Allergens are a rising issue across the country, and HES Catering Services wants to go above and beyond in supporting ‘Natasha’s Law’ by using the latest technology to ensure that pupils with known food allergens are able to safely enjoy their lunches.” Mr. Paul Ward, Head Teacher, Redden Court School, said: “The lunchtime dining experience is an important part of a student’s day. We don’t want any students missing out on peer bonding opportunities if they wrongly believe they can’t make an informed lunch choice in their school.” Tarryn Gorre, CEO & Co-Founder of Kafoodle, said: “Here at Kafoodle we have always been passionate about helping people to make safer and more informed food choices, we are therefore very excited to be working with HES Catering Services and Havering Council who share this passion in providing an overall better and safer dining experience to their pupils.” Notes to Editor Example case story - Toby aged 13, has an allergy to egg. Every week before Toby makes his lunch selection in school, he uses his mobile phone to scan his school’s unique Kafoodle QR code. (If Toby had an Android phone he would have needed to download a free QR scanner).
TA Resilience (for Primary and Special schools)
09 Sep
HES has been working with the Education Support Partnership, the UK’s only wellbeing and mental health charity, to develop a range of support services for our schools. Through this partnership, we are undertaking a small-scale research project with Teaching Assistants. The study would start in September 2019 and would run for 6 months until Easter 2020, and the time commitment for the schools to take part would not be onerous. We have had a good response to our initial invitation, but we have a few spaces left, so we would like to invite your school to participate, with four TAs taking part from each school. In order to be able to measure the impact of the proposed resilience training, two TAs from each school would receive the training and two would not, and then at the end of the project, we would offer resilience training to those TAs who did not receive it as part of the project. Thus, the TAs would only need to be released from school duties for a limited period. As part of the project, TAs would need to complete questionnaires and speak to researchers etc, and this study is currently being planned with UCL/Institute of Education, who would also evaluate the study. Further information can be found here. If you are interested in participating, please email Trevor Cook at
Senior Leadership Clinical Supervision (for All schools)
09 Sep
Following a successful pilot programme last year, HBBS in partnership with HES are pleased to be able to offer all schools in Havering the opportunity to benefit from a joint project offering headteachers and senior school staff free regular professional and confidential clinical supervision. During the next 12 months, individual staff will benefit from 6 half-termly 1-hour sessions, with an appropriately qualified and experienced clinical supervisor at a convenient off-site location. In addition, they will be required to attend a pre-supervision meeting to meet the supervisor and to clarify working protocols to contribute to the evaluation of this project. We are hoping that the individual pre-supervision and first supervision session will take place before October half-term break. Expressions of interest are invited from all schools and should include the names and role of the individual staff. Headteachers of each school must participate, along with up to 3 other staff (determined by the size of the school). This can include other senior staff including Deputies, Safeguarding or Pastoral Leads. If you are interested please email Trevor Cook at
Avoid Penalty Charges: Car Parking Controls Operating at CEME
06 Sep
Dear Colleagues, Please be advised that from 1st September 2019, ANPR car parking controls and charges have been introduced at CEME Campus where our Learning and Development Centre (HES training rooms) is situated. As a delegate/visitor registered to attend any of our training courses, meetings or other events held in training rooms 233, 234, 235 or at any other location within the CEME Conference Centre, we have made arrangements to ensure you don’t have to pay the standard £1 daily parking charge at CEME. There are now tablet-sized terminals installed in all three rooms and all you have to do on arrival at CEME, is enter your vehicle registration details using the terminals provided. You can locate these terminals to your left-hand side as you enter each room. We have inspected and tested the terminals and can confirm that they’re quick and easy to use. To be covered by this exemption from parking charges and to avoid being served a £100 penalty notice by the parking operator, it is the responsibility of every registered delegate/visitor to ensure that you enter your vehicle registration details using the terminals provided. Parking in designated parking areas If you will be driving to the CEME campus, please make sure to park your vehicle in the designated parking areas. The parking operator is licensed to penalise instances of poor parking e.g. parking across two bays, on pavements/walkways or double yellow lines, etc. All these will trigger a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and a penalty charge will be applied. What you should do in the event that you cannot find a designated space to park? Please do not turn around and leave CEME on these rare occasions! Should you not be able to find parking space in one of the designated areas, we have been informed of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which takes effect at CEME to ensure that a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will not be issued in the event that delegates/visitors park in undesignated parking spaces e.g. on verges, lawns, etc. On these rare occasions, please follow the procedure detailed below. 1. Firstly try parking your car in the area of the service road that is reserved especially for overspill parking (will be signposted on the campus) 2. If the reserved overspill area is full, find another undesignated area to get parked BUT you must report this to main reception once in the building 3. You will not be issued with a PCN if you follow the instructions above This information has been sent to all headteachers, business and finance managers. Due to the nature of the information, I would be grateful if you could circulate this information to all staff. Regards, Shola Omogbehin Head of Education Traded Services
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21 Sep
First Aid at Work Refresher Course ( 2 days ) 19th - 20th September 2019
This course refreshes the practical skills required to be a confident first aider at work. It will develop both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations. Please note: A paediatric 'add on' course is available alongside this course and runs for a couple of hours on the final afternoon of the first aid at work course. The paediatric add on will give candidates the knowledge and skills needed to understand the different techniques required when performing first aid on infants and juniors. The paediatric add on is £45 and if you would like to include this as part of your course, it can be purchased by also booking the 'paediatric add on to first aid at work course' for the same dates as this First Aid at Work course. Course Summary: • First Aid Priorities • The Unconscious Casualty • Head Injuries • Airway & Breathing Disorders • Circulation Disorders • Heart problems • Wounds/Bleeding & Bandaging • Poisoning • Burns & Scalds • Fractures & Dislocations • Strains & Sprains • Spinal injuries • Diabetes • Epilepsy • Health & Safety • New first aid regulations / procedures
24 Sep
Manual Handling Course (September 2019)
This assessed course is aimed at employees who have to undertake manual handling tasks. This course includes large practical elements.
24 Sep
EU Regulations
This session will cover: • Basic overview of EU Procurement • The impact of the Public Procurement Regulations 2015 • Procurement not subject to EU Regulations • Access to Contracts • New rules for selection • Tender Assessment and Contract Award
24 Sep
Schools' Financial Value Standard 2019/20 - Overview
The Schools' Financial Value Standard (SFVS) is changing. The return required by 31 March 2020 contains a revised set of questions and a new benchmarking exercise that schools must complete. In this session we will look at the changes, the additional information required from schools and how best to go about completing the return.
24 Sep
Familiarisation and Demo of the new ‘STORE’ purchasing system on the Portal
The SLA Online platform which is the public gateway through which schools in Havering and out of borough purchase services and training from Havering Council’s traded services (HES) was first offered to schools in 2011. The platform has become the predominant online platform for trading services with schools and settings in the UK with 64 LAs currently using the website for traded services. Over the past year, the HES Portal has been undergoing some behind the scenes changes that will affect the way schools and settings browse, order and purchase services. Some of the new features and functionalities include: • A new annual ordering page with greater clarity and visibility on what was purchased in the previous year as well as suggestions for the new year • A new dedicated area where schools and settings will be able to purchase ‘Products’ or tangible items. These could take the form of digital or physical products • A new look shopping basket with clearer display of prices, discounts, buying rules, T&Cs for specific services (where applicable) etc. • A new service provider listing page which clearly displays recent purchases and available products and services