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  • Measles and Summer Travel/ Festivals

  • Hydration advice to prevent recent increase in A&E attendances

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L2 & L3 TA courses - enrolling now
10 Jul
Enrolment for our popular TA courses is now open. Havering Adult College offers City and Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 courses for Teaching Assistants and LSAs in Primary and Secondary settings. Our offer includes L2 and L3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, L3 Certificate in Cover Supervision and L3 Diploma in Specialist Support in Schools. Course fees, start dates and delivery information is included on page 48 of the attached 2018-2019 prospectus. If you or a member of your staff have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our admin team on 01708 554016.
Measles and Summer Travel/ Festivals
09 Jul
Dear Secondary School and College headteachers and welfare leads, Young people are encouraged to make sure they have had both doses of the MMR vaccine before going on holiday to Europe where there are large outbreaks of measles. Cases of measles also continue to rise across England in unvaccinated young people. The vaccine protects against measles, mumps and rubella, all of which can be very serious diseases and are highly infectious. Measles is a viral illness that can sometimes lead to serious complications and can be fatal in very rare cases, so getting protected by taking up the offer of the vaccination is crucial. While vaccine uptake levels in the UK in young children are currently very high, coverage levels dipped to a low of 80% in 2003. Consequently there are significant numbers of unprotected teenagers and young adults who could catch measles both in England, particularly in environments of close mixing such as summer festivals, and when they travel abroad for the summer holidays. The vaccine is available free to anyone who did not receive both doses as a child. If young people are unsure whether they've had 2 doses of MMR they can call their GP practice to check and catch up if needed. Posters are attached that can be circulated electronically or downloaded and printed to display around your school/ college. Kind regards, Claire
Hydration advice to prevent recent increase in A&E attendances
06 Jul
Dear headteacher, Queens Hospital is reporting high attendances at A&E of children with dehydration. Please could you encourage children to follow the advice below, and circulate it to parents: During the hot weather, it's important to ensure children stay hydrated. To help prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke children and adults should: - drink plenty of cold drinks, especially when exercising - take cool baths or showers - wear light-coloured, loose clothing - sprinkle water over skin or clothes - avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm - avoid excess alcohol - avoid extreme exercise Please keep an eye on children, the elderly and people with long-term health conditions (like diabetes or heart problems) because they're more at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. For more information on prevention and symptoms, and advice on when to seek medical help, see https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dehydration/ Many thanks, Claire
Havering Safeguarding Children Board Training Programme 2018-19
03 Apr
Havering LSCB's safeguarding training programme offers a wide variety of courses throughout the year to meet yours or your staff needs. This is to help safeguard and promote the welfare of children effectively. The opportunities available reflect different levels of responsibility, we offer training from Level 1 basic awareness to Level 3 advanced. Professionals across all settings and organisations who primarily work with children, young people and families can attend our LSCB courses free of charge. Our Training Programme provides courses, briefings, workshops and events with a focus on multi-agency training which complements training already available within your own setting. Serious Case Reviews highlight repeatedly the importance of working together and communicating effectively across agencies, multi-agency training gives you the added benefit and opportunity to learn about the roles and responsibilities of colleagues in other agencies and to consider how we can better work together to keep children safe. Our training programme for April 2018- March 2019 can be found on our website www.havering.gov.uk/lscbtraining. We encourage you to read in full before booking on to any of our courses. Places are given on a first come first serve basis.
Supplydesk working in partnership with HES Brokerage Service
21 Mar
Supply Desk Ltd are proud to announce their recent partnership with Havering Education Service to support the recruitment of high calibre Teaching and Support Staff across Havering and the surrounding boroughs. Supply Desk has been operating since 2002, when we launched the first agency management recruitment services within education. Supply Desk has worked with thousands of mainstream and special schools across England and Wales over the last 16 years, providing bespoke staffing solutions to individual schools, school groups, clusters and multi-academy trusts. During this time, we have developed unique approaches to working in partnership with schools which is predicated on providing high quality staff to raise standards in education whilst maintaining cost-effective solutions for our clients. Supply Desk are proud of our history as innovators in education and our vision to be recognised as such is reflected in the many ways we help schools to find the right staff. We respond with top quality candidates at the right time, matched to the right schools, suitable for each individual requirement. With an extensive branch network covering England and Wales, Supply Desk specialises solely in the education sector and is proud of a growing reputation for being the quality provider of education staff, helping schools meet their objectives. Our core recruitment services focus on providing cost-effective staffing solutions: · Staffing solutions for long-term and permanent recruitment · Short-term and emergency cover · SEN specialists for both mainstream and special schools · Overseas trained teachers (predominately from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland) · Tuition and Intervention specialists, including tutors for 1:1 and small group tuition · A vast range of support staff, including teaching assistants, SEND staff, cover supervisors, · Tutors, behaviour specialists, SIMs trained staff, and more. Our website http://www.supplydesk.co.uk has more information about our services and a resources section for both schools and teachers. Our latest piece for schools on ‘How to Manage School Staffing Gaps’ is attached, offering advice on how to use outstanding vacancies to your advantage.
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20 Jul
Manual Handling Assessor Course (July 2018)
.This is an assessed course and delegates will sit a written examination. By the end of the course participants will:: • Understand what the term “manual handling” means; • Know about the health risks associated with manual handling operations; • Know the actions to be avoided to prevent injury; • Know various safe handling techniques and will have practised these; • Know where they fit into the chain of responsibility for health & safety; • Be aware of the legislation relating to manual handling operations, in particular the three main duties under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations; • Know how to undertake a manual handling risk assessment and will have practised undertaking assessments. Including the identification of suitable control measures.
24 Jul
Working in partnership with parents
The training will include the following topics: • Identify the key elements of working in partnership with parents • Reflect on some of the issues facing parents of children with additional needs • Explain the benefits of working in partnership for all involved • Explore possible barriers to partnership working for Early Years providers • Enable participants to reflect on current practice and identify areas for change
31 Aug
Emergency First Aid Course (1 day) 31st August 2018
Course Summary: • First Aid Priorities • The Unconscious Casualty • Airway & Breathing disorders • Circulation Disorders • Wounds/Bleeding • Health & Safety
05 Sep
First Aid at Work Course ( 3 days ) 5th - 7th september 2018
This course provides the practical skills required in most workplaces to become a confident first aider at work. It will develop both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) Regulations. Please note: A paediatric 'add on' course is available alongside this course and runs for a couple of hours on the final afternoon of the first aid at work course. The paediatric add on will give candidates the knowledge and skills needed to understand the different techniques required when performing first aid on infants and juniors. The paediatric add on is £45 and if you would like to include this as part of your course, it can be purchased by also booking the 'paediatric add on to first aid at work course' for the same dates as this First Aid at Work course. Course Summary: • First Aid Priorities • The Unconscious Casualty • Head Injuries • Airway & Breathing Disorders • Circulation Disorders • Heart problems • Wounds/Bleeding & Bandaging • Poisoning • Burns & Scalds • Fractures & Dislocations • Strains & Sprains • Spinal injuries • Diabetes • Epilepsy • Health & Safety
05 Sep
SIMS Attendance 1- The Basics
This course will cover the following areas of: • Information regarding the statutory use of attendance codes • Entering data into a register • Entering comments and minutes Late • Block manual entry • Entering codes over a date range • Adding Exceptional circumstances • Processing part time pupils • Editing Reason for change of mark • Printing official registers • Adding Training and Bank holidays • Producing basic attendance reports