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Book Now! East London & Essex Education Conference 2020
20 Nov
More than ever before, schools need extra support to cope with shrinking budgets, challenges around pupil and staff wellbeing, and complicated procurement processes. These are tough asks for school leaders, including business managers, whose primary responsibility is to provide quality education. Recognising the needs of schools, HES provides high quality day-to-day support leading to positive outcomes for children and young people. We offer support in the areas of school improvement and curriculum, leadership and governance, finance, attendance & behaviour, and procurement through our award-winning Brokerage Service. Our aim isn’t to sell to you, but to support you and provide you with the tools that you need. On Thursday 30 January 2020, we are hosting our annual East London & Essex Education Conference. This free-to-attend conference will feature high-profile speakers who will share their expertise in the areas of pupil and staff wellbeing, school funding, bid applications, and more. Featuring a large exhibition, you will also get the chance to browse an array of suppliers, network and share best practice with colleagues. Adding to the fun of the day, you can also enter our free raffle with the chance to win some high ticket items. The East London & Essex Education Conference 2020 is now available to book. Date: Thursday 30 January 2020 Time: All day Venue: CEME, Rainham, Essex ? For more information or to book, click here.
Advice for School Colsures Due to Adverse Weather
18 Nov
Please find attached a guide for Havering schools regarding closures caused by adverse weather conditions. School Admissions
Consultation on Schools Funding for 2020-21
18 Nov
Dear Headteachers, This consultation document proposes options for the allocation of funding to schools for the financial year 2020-21. Schools are asked to consider the points raised and respond back to the Local Authority for further consideration by the Schools Funding Forum. The consultation period will run until 9th December 2019. A summary of responses to the consultation will be reported to the meeting of the Schools Funding Forum on 17th December and final decisions taken by the Local Authority in January before schools are issued with their funding for the 2020-21 financial year. Please send responses to the Schools Finance Team.
Joint Working with CAMHS and Adult College
08 Nov
Havering Adult College was established in 1955 and has been offering high-quality education and training to adults in and around the borough. In various centres across the London Borough of Havering, we offer part-time learning in the community. At Havering Adult College we offer many opportunities and courses which are planned to fit around and compliment your lifestyle. Family Learning is community learning that is free to all parents, carers and grandparents living and working in Havering and is offered to promote parental engagement, develop relationships and communication, and to understand and support the needs of their children. Our aim is to work with parents and families to identify their needs in order to support their children, which can be for behavioural issues, school attainment, know how to keep children and families safe or to improve communication and relationships between family members. We are excited to be working with the CAMHS team to offer a range of courses to support families with their understanding of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our courses raise awareness of some of the conditions children are showing signs of – autistic spectrum disorder (Autism or ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, trauma and more. We are also working to provide much-needed support to parents in tackling behavioural issues that can be linked to these conditions. Through our Raising Confident Children and Challenging Behaviour programmes, we work to empower and build confidence in parents to identify changes in behaviour and develop strategies to tackle them. These courses can be as short as a one-day workshop to a 15-week accredited course. Through this partnership, we aim to provide additional support and information to all families who have been in contact with CAMHS service. For more information, please contact us on 01708 434955 or email Family Learning – Havering Adult College Bower Park Centre, 472 Havering Road, Romford RM1 4HR
Precision Teaching and an introduction to the Essential Reading Skills Analysis (ERSA)
06 Nov
This half-day training session is led by the CAD 5-19 Educational Psychologists and is designed to support school staff with their use of Precision Teaching (PT). PT is a highly structured approach to planning, evaluating and modifying teaching to ensure success for every child. Based on psychological theories of learning, it can be used to successfully teach a range of skills, including early literacy and numeracy skills which lay the foundations for all future learning in school. Ideally, it can be used with pupils from KS1 upwards. In addition to the above, the session will introduce the Essential Reading Skills Analysis (ERSA). The ERSA tool is an assessment that can help staff identify strengths and areas for development, specifically exploring a pupil’s phonic knowledge and phonological skills.
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20 Nov
Finance for the New Governor
This session will cover the allocation of resources to schools, terminology and processes that may arise during a governing body meeting and help governors to understand their budgetary responsibilities.
21 Nov
Hsis Curriculum Matters - RE Curriculum Development Day
The Hsis Curriculum Matters CPD series is designed to provide support for the development of the curriculum within your school. This Curriculum Development Day for Subject Leaders focuses on: Ofsted; Hsis Curriculum Model; Planning for Long-Term, Medium-Term and Short-Term; quality of delivery and outcomes, etc… all with a subject-specific slant.
21 Nov
Health & Safety Co-ordinators' Meeting November 2019
Health & Safety Co-ordinators' Meeting
21 Nov
Hsis NQT - KS2 Getting started with the teaching of Primary Languages
This course looks at planning and progression for young language learners, and how non-specialist teachers can facilitate high-quality learning opportunities for their classes. We will look at statutory requirements, what constitutes substantial progress (as specified in the Programme of Study), and how to motivate learners through engaging activities.
21 Nov
Hsis Geography - Primary Geography Subject Leaders’ Network Meeting (Autumn 2019)
You will be able to: • network and share good practice • enhance understanding of recent developments in geography education • work collaboratively on common areas of interest to Havering schools